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But down below in the comment area is a really good discussion,
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Coming soon is a clickbank affiliate program
where you can recommend this program to your fellow bloggers
and get 50% of the $97.00 costs.

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  1. Hi all
    RE: helping & supporting each others blogs etc
    This might be the best place to post this for now. I am going to make a concentrated effort to help those that help me, though I’ll be doing it first :) . Time is precious & this is business.

    I’ve started (thanks Louise) a Pinterest page ( & put pics up sourced from those (their blogs) who have liked my page on facebook, These are do follow links back to your sites.

    I will also comment, share on fb, stumble & comment on blogs videos etc from either
    1 – the weekly (or daily post once a week) or
    2- a post suggested by you as one to promote.
    and will endeavour to do this once a week.

    This will be in my personal name as they are not really appropriate for my business.

    The catch is that I will expect you to do the same. Frankly I have done some comments, stumbles etc without any reciprocation & that is fine, as my blog my not be to your interest, remember this goes both ways. And there is no such thing as a free ride.

    I consider this to be ‘fair’ but would be very interested in your comments as there probably is a better way :)


    • Jim says:

      Right on Amanda… we are on the same page on this.

    • Kathy Hatch says:

      Hey guys,
      Please excuse my stupidity but I am really not familiar with pinterest…
      I have clicked on when I click on your sites to add likes an tweets as well as FB but had no clue what the heck to do with the pin icon……..
      Did I totally miss something?
      I am checking my FB page for all your new posts daily and go from there to add likes etc. On Thursday’s when I get your emails of new posts, I also check each of them to add likes etc.
      I do agree with you Amanda and Louise as we need to totally support each other.
      Kathy H

      • Jim says:

        HI Kathy…. yes.. I want to make a community of mutually supporting bloggers here.. and it will evolve over time.

        About Pinterest, pls see my comments below …

      • Hi Kathy this pinning thing is really confusing but I am slowly getting there, just another new thing but it is HOT!!! (right now, don’t know for how long

        this is what I have done this week for those who have liked my fb page or commented on my blog site…

        From a blog pots
        1- commenton blog
        2 – like on fb,
        3 -cshare on fb
        4 -google+
        5 – google other thing ( yes there are 2 google bits I did, I think they are different)
        6 -stumble upon
        7 -pin ing

        and will do the same next week, to those that do the same for me this week

        Here’s my pining board so far this week

        • Donna says:

          Amanda, I like your list. I’ve been doing the commenting on blog, liking on FB, google+ and stumble upon for everyone that sends me a Thursday email. I try to spend an hour on Thursdays – going through everything and then again on Saturday or Sunday (depending on when I can carve out a little time).
          Also just finished my first slideshow. It is up on if anyone is able to give me a critique – would greatly appreciate it.
          Is this (Day 30) going to be our ‘meeting place’ for now?

          • Jim says:

            Hi Donna….

            Brian Gardner has promised me personally
            that the new studiopress theme with integrated forum
            is just a few days away.

            I will install a forum ASAP once it’s ready,..

            Now I’m off to view your slideshow… bravo for fast action!


          • Donna, that is fabulous!!!:)… do you know anything about rudolf steiner? he is quite big here in NZ, we have pre schools and primary schools ( years1-8) based on his teachings, he was Greman I think

          • Jim says:

            I agree with Amanda… this is a wonderful slideshow.

          • Donna says:

            Quick follow up to tell of the ONLY little snag I had. When adding the illustrations – wait until you have the Add New Blog Post open BEFORE uploading the illustrations. This allows the formation of the gallery. If you upload the illustrations prior to opening the new blog post window – you will not create a gallery and the plugin does not create a slideshow with the illustrations. Otherwise it took roughly 15 minutes to upload, install and adjust settings on plugin and create the slideshow. Jim gives great instructions!

          • Jim says:

            Thanks Donna … as always you are helpful, generous, and spot-on with your comments.

            Really appreciate that

          • Adam Brenner says:

            I liked to slideshow on modern holistic health and the quotes.
            Great quotes and nice descriptions. My slideshow goes by too quickly. Do you know how to slow down the skipping to the next frame?
            Looks great!

          • Donna says:

            Adam, The timing is easy to fix – but you may have to play with the numbers until you find the speed that works with your text length (or how fast someone reads your text) – Go to the plugin (slideshow) and click on settings. Under slideshow settings the second box is ‘slideshow behavior’. In that box the first option is slideshow timing. I think it starts with 4000. I moved mine up to 7500. It’s easy.

          • Jim says:

            Thanks Donna… very helpful and spot-on.
            You are such a good and helpful contributor to our little but growing community,,,


  2. Stacey Marmolejo says:

    I just got a pinterest account SurfinNewsDaily but haven’t figured out how to use it yet.

    Also, my SurfingNewsInfo facebook page has disappeared from my drop down list….URGH

    • Jim says:

      Hi Stacey… those gremlins do like you!

      I think that’s a good sign, but it’s pretty irritating in the long run.

      I suggest caution with too many social media sites, and that you concentrate on Facebook and Youtube, with a minor, minor investment in Stumbleupon … as per suggestions in Day 23.

      Pinterest is cool, for sure, but what kind of people are clicking pictures there? Are they going to buy surfing products? Hmmmmmm???

      I do not know the answer to that question….


  3. Romy Macias says:

    Ladies and Gents,
    I’m like Kathy… was this in one of the tasks? Is this part of a strategy Jim taught?
    Romy M

    • Romy Macias says:

      Thanks Jim,
      I want to use my time in a very focused way. FB and YouTube it is!

      • Jim says:

        I think for some niches that Pinterest might be really excellent. I’m just saying that it’s not (yet) worth a big investment from your one wild and precious life.

        Pioneers often come home with arrows in their back

        PS… but pioneers sometimes thrive.
        My great grandmother on my mother’s side
        walked from Oklahoma to Canada
        beside her families ox-cart when she was six.
        No arrows.
        She lived to be 103.
        Four husbands no divorces.
        Raised 8 kids during the depression by taking in laundry.
        Was very poor and very happy most of her life.
        Died of a heart attack while reading Gone With The Wind
        to the “youngsters” in her nursing home.
        I do like pioneers.

        A lot.

  4. Iris B says:

    Hi, folks – I really love the slideshow strategy that Jim has taught. I’ve added a new one to my blog at on the Post as follows:
    Feel free to come by and comment, give me feedback, etc. Thanks! Iris

    • Jim says:

      Bravo Iris!

      Love it…. let this be the first of many wonderful slideshows.
      You have a great niche for this….

      Please check out the last page of the slideshow handout
      for some ideas for your next ones..

      Everybody else too.

      (I am only kidding about the third-last suggested slideshow)


    • Jim says:

      Iris… I particularly liked the images you chose…. it really pops. They work really nicely with the lightbox part… don’t you think? You also show wonderful differences in all the different images and quotes… very nice.

    • Pete says:

      Iris I did like your site, we’re both into diabetes. I concentrate on the consequences of long term diabetes.
      I’ve just put a Slideshow up, but the pics aren’t really pretty, just feet, hands and torsos, not much you can do to dress them up.
      I even considered using skeletal images, even uglier lol.

      • Jim says:

        Hey Pete…. that is a pretty cool slideshow.
        Are you an affiliate to some exectro-stim company or product?

        Because you can, you know, put your affiliate links into the slideshow so that when people click on the pics.. it takes them to a page where they can buy (and you get the commission).

        Basically, for this kind of an affliate slide-show, put a nice big h2 or h3 header after your intro, just before you slideshow, and say words to the effect of…..

        “Click any photo to learn more about XXX”

        Pics don’t have to be pretty…. gross, or funny, or weird or silly can work too (not in your niche… but in many!)

        Great Slideshow Pete…. a really wonderful first one!

      • Jim says:

        Pete… please leave a direct link to your slideshow in a new comment. Helps us find your stuff to like, share and link to it.


    • Sophie Hardy says:

      Fantastic! Left a comment for you…

  5. Louise Myers says:

    I wanted to do a slideshow of the 5 Top Men in Red Hats – but I couldn’t find 5 public domain photos of Jim Arthur! ;)

    Instead I found all my stress relief articles and picked the ones that had (or I could find) good photos. I spent waaay too much time on this – but it did come out nice.

  6. Louise Myers says:

    Say – I would love some pointers on best practices to promote others. Or do we just go with what works for us? For instance -

    Even with Liking my own posts, my FB profile is starting to look like a billboard of ads. I fear I’m going to turn off my friends – and they’ll turn ME off in their feeds. That won’t help anyone.

    Is commenting on blog posts helpful? I always try to Like or Comment on our members’ FB Page posts, but I don’t always see them. I try to Stumble posts, that seems to be helpful. I +1 posts.

    I don’t always share on FB or G+ unless it’s relevant to my audience. ie I share small biz info with my design fans and health info with my yoga fans.

    Input appreciated.

    • Jim says:

      I think one blogging friends page a week or so… and I think Yoga people
      are more sensitive (in many ways) to this kind of thing.

      You might note I like share and comment as myself… not my page at Meditation Techniques.

      Blog commenting is VERY helpful, and needs to be strategically planned,
      as it’s time consuming…(you know I’m obsessed with maximizing time effectiveness).

      Stumble may be diminishing for us… the silly b*ggers are putting our clicks
      into pages on their own site, instead of sending traffic.
      If they don’t change back, I’m going to suggest stopping Stumble sometime next week…

      I think … on the other hand… that G+ is gaining in importance…
      … looks like Google is going to really favor content that is +’d.


      • Louise Myers says:

        Yep I’m probably over-sensitive to it. (I know, you’re saying “probably???”).

        I learned from Mari Smith that there’s a way to tell if your Page fans are blocking your posts (“negative feedback”). I don’t think you can tell on your Profile. But she says the #1 reason fans block your posts is – you’re posting too much. So I am aware that this could be an issue. It would be silly to spend the time to Share everything you see, just to have fans block you.

        Not to overcomplicate – what works for her is 2 -3 posts on her Page a day. I don’t want to see your every Tweet on FB. I’m trying to Like and Comment others’ FB posts that link to their business website.

        Just my opinion, and as y’all know, I have loads of those ;)

  7. Jay Hiller says:

    Hi All,

    I’m am totally supportive of all of us helping each other and spreading the word, by posting, liking, and commenting. I have been away for a week or so, and now I’m trying to “revamp” my site to narrow down my niche and focus in on that. I have not even been up to date in this course either, so I’m working on going back a few days to get caught up on that.

    It is waaaaaay too easy to get caught up with so many time-consuming issues that can steer us away from the absolute critical tasks to building our business. I, for one, am really guilty of that as I am an information gatherer, always wanting to learn more. Even spending time reading messages, email, Facebooking, Stumbling, learning the new sharing sites, and then unexpected computers issues, etc., etc. So I am really trying to focus on the very critical steps to success.

    I agree with Jim’s philosophy of getting things done quickly and efficiently (even though I’m not doing that myself). I think he mentioned very early on and it’s worth repeating here: 60-90 min/day, 1/3 curate articles, 1/3 profit activities, 1/3 traffic, social media.

    Maybe others are not having issues with this, but I know I am. FOCUS is essential.

    So I will get back to following others and posting and liking.
    Have an awesome day

    • Jim says:

      Great comment Jay.

      Here’s a way to think of it. Know what your work tasks are for that day.

      1. a new curated post
      2. something about affiliate — links, updates, new product, new video
      3. traffic (coming soon)

      Everything else online is OK… but does NOT count towards
      your 20-30 minute budget of work on your site….

      I really do still use my cute blue-sand hourglass timer
      to keep my Facebook visits to 5 minutes or less.

      Your Quote For This Comment:
      “The problem with working for yourself
      is that when your boss asks if you have
      been slacking off…… he (she) knows you are lying”…
      ~~ Lucky Money Cat

  8. Adam Brenner says:

    Hi Jim and everyone!

    I did it!! My first slideshow and I think it came out alright, after all.
    It’s about the most popular Poodle-Mix breeds and I had to purchase some of the pictures, since wikipedia did not supply too many photos of some of these little guys.
    Here’s the post:
    Please let me know what you think!

    • Adam… that is just really, really cute! Your slideshow is fun, friendly, and imaginative. Really good. Very shareable. Link to it often in other posts. Something like… do you have a favorite poodle mix dog breed? with the link being “favorite poodle mix dogs” so you can start to rank for that term…

      Very cool slideshow

  9. Romy Macias says:

    Hi folks!
    I finally have my slideshow up. Please comment on it, and I’ll go back to each post above to look at your slideshows.
    Iris, I really like yours, especially that you added quotes to each image. Congratulations!
    Ok, so here’s mine:
    Have a good evening everyone,
    Romy Macias

    • Jim says:

      Great Romy…. ballet is so visual that I can imagine many more slideshows… and especially that your shows can be shared and linked to by other ballet sites.



      • Romy Macias says:

        You know Jim,
        I think this Pinterest, Lulu has been posting about could really be a traffic magnet for a site like mine, visual, as you point out.
        I’ll keep you posted. So far my traffic is up to about 150 uniques a day. I’m posting a lot on weekends, when I have more time.
        Good to see new people here.
        I will come back to sign-up for their Newsletters next weekend.

  10. Rebecca Alderman says:

    Hey everyone, I’m a little behind but catching up fast. I started and then had to concentrate on article content because I was late deciding on my niche. Anyway, here’s my blog: and my FB page: and even my new Twitter account @momsandguns. Please like my FB page and comment on this article:

    Thank you,

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