Use These 3 Story Types In Your Sales Process

This article by Ben Settle over at the wonderful CopyBlogger site delivers three different forms that selling stories can take….

This excerpt is his story type #3. 

Check it out, and then click through to the original post.  It’s fully worth your taking note, and taking notes.

2. The historical story

This kind of story is extremely persuasive, contains nothing even remotely resembling “hype,” and can persuade people to buy things they otherwise might ignore.

Here’s a real life example:

Once upon a time, I had to write an ad selling a grappling DVD course to adult men who hate the thought of having to sweat or roll around in a dirty dojo, etc. (They wanted the instant-tough-guy “push button ninja” solution to self defense.)

So I had to make grappling sound sexy and cool.

What did I do?

Nothing earth shattering — just some simple research online (maybe 30 minutes, nothing big) and found how certain people used grappling and wrestling in ancient Roman coliseums to fight lions … barehanded. I also read how ancient Samurai used to terrorize westerners in battle with their “bizarre” way of fighting … in other words, grappling.

So I told those stories in the ad.

And suddenly, grappling went from something that seemed dirty and sweaty and unappealing … to something exciting and fun.

Yes, this takes extra research.

But the extra sales are more than worth it …

See original here.

Make sure you check out the FFF story in your 1 Month to Money lessons.  It’s the simplest and easiest story type to use.



  1. Jay says:

    I’ve been learning about the importance of story-telling and the great connection with the audience. Great ideas here!

  2. Romy Macias says:

    Thanks for these ideas. I’m “pressing on” and am so excited because I’ve already had 4 Amazon sales!
    This is a new valuable piece for my online business success.